Velocity Weight Loss~ is a science based rapid body transformation program. The results are very fast and powerful but requires a level of commitment that many people simply aren't ready for. The Velocity is a plan for somebody who is a little angry about their current body composition and health and overall what you see in the mirror.

If you're sick of spinning your wheels, sick of not knowing what and when. If you can commit to 28 days of intense but highly effective body fat and bad habit removal, then The Velocity Weight Loss can help you unlock the door. more info

Gain Lean Muscle Plan~ Is perfect plan for a family or individual who does not prefer a super strict meal plan. It consists of healthy good tasting meals. It includes 1 lunch meal, 1 dinner meal and optional snacks and breakfast meals. This plan is not as strict as clean eating.  Still healthy but more normal great tasting food. Meals are rotated every week. more info

Weight Loss Plan~A plan that tightens things up a bit. This plan is tailored to people looking to make physical changes to their bodies. Body fat loss to improve body composition. more info

30 Days of Perfection Is a strict 30 day plan of perfect eating every meal,  If your serious and have a DESIRE to make quick radical changes to your health and physique this is your plan.

This level could be for a bodybuilder preparing for a contest. Very strict meal plan with Bodyfat loss as the main purpose. These meals include a higher Protein amount. more info

Design Your Own Meals Plan~ To provide healthy portioned meals were you are in complete control of picking each protein, carb and veggie. Great plan for you picky eaters. more info

Design Your Own Salads Plan~ Order fresh healthy Salads. more info

Design Your Own Wraps Plan~ Order Whole wheat wraps with your favorite toppings. more info


Breakfast Meals

Having trouble with breakfast?

Try our new Healthy breakfast meals. Quick, healthy delicious snacks.

more info


Healthy Snacks

Need a little snack between meals. These are small nutritious pick me ups to get you to your next meal.

more info

Not sure which plan is best for you or any questions just shoot me a text for a quick response. I've been meal prepping and planning for over 30 years straight. 

585-402-6955. Mark Vinci