Weight Loss Plan

Higher Protein Lower Carbs

A plan that tightens things up a bit. This plan is tailored to people looking to make physical changes to their bodies. Body fat loss to improve body composition.

Objective: To provide meals that are stricter to deliver quicker results to your overall physique and health.

Level of Difficulty:. Moderate, Some sacrificing of foods for results of weight loss.

Who this best suits: 

Anyone looking to lose weight.  Meals are portioned controlled so you can't overeat.

~Individuals looking to lose weight at a healthy progression.

~Any type of athlete looking to lose weight

~Someone who may have plateaued in their own weight loss journey

~Anyone using a current weight loss service such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig


~Different meals every single week. 

~Different snacks every week

~Never get sick of eating the same foods

~Menu changes weekly many more options here than Designing your own meals.

If you would like to set up auto renew every week see Mark @ Rubinos and he will set that up for you. Then I will do everything until you tell us to stop.

Macros for meals

300-400 Calories per meal

40-50 grams Carbs

10~20 grams Protein

5~10 grams Fat

Macros for Snacks

100~200 Calories per snack

Meals & snacks will be rotated every. 

Meal examples


Egg Omlet-veggies-bacon-cheese

Power Bowl~Oatmeal with Premium Banana Protein and Fruit

Buckwheat Pancakes with Sugar Free pancake Syrup


Turkey Or Angus Beef Cheeseburger with veggies

Fresh Salads


Meatballs & Side Salad

Chili and Rice

Turkey Taco Bowl


Keto Sugar Free Donuts

High Protein Cookies

Sweet Potato Pretzel Bites