Velocity Weight Loss

Velocity Weight Loss is a science based rapid body transformation program. The results are very fast and  powerful but requires a level of commitment that many people simply aren't ready for. The Velocity is a plan for somebody who is a little angry about their current body composition and health and overall what you see in the mirror.

If you're sick of spinning your wheels, sick of not knowing what and when to ea. If you can commit to 28 days of intense but highly effective body fat and bad habit removal, then The Velocity Weight Loss can help you unlock the door. I have used the Velocity Weight Loss over the years and its by the far the most effective. WHY? Main reason there is no guess work, you have the recommended shakes and 1 healthy meal. Its simple to follow doesn't require any food prep or thinking. 99% just don't want to bother with cooking, packaging u[ all your foods. Eating at the correct times. Its not a top priority and people just end up eating unhealthy and wrong. 

Velocity solves all these problems and now with Rocks Meals it's even easier to succeed.


Here's What's Involved:

Eating Plan. The eating plan involves a daily menu consisting of four specialized shakes and 1 healthy solid meal.

There are 2 options for this plan. 

1~4 shakes per day and supplements (Fish Oil + a super vitamin & mineral supplement) AND 7 ROCKS PREPPED MEALS for the week

2~4 shakes per day and supplements (Fish Oil + a super vitamin & mineral supplementDaily Menu Plan


Protein Shake in 20oz water

Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

1 Fish oil


Protein Shake in 20oz water

1 Fish oil


Protein Shake in 20oz water

1 Fish oil


Healthy Food Meal

Men 400-700 calories~ Meat + Veggies with light Carbs 

Women 300-500 calories ~ Meat + Veggies with light Carbs

Before Bed

Protein Shake in 20oz water

1 Fish oil

Nutritional Macros For 4 Shakes

                                Men      Women  

Calories                   1300       880          

Fat                             16g         16g                        

Carbs                       108g       32g                      

Protein                    180g       168g 


This plan is sold as 1 week. This is what  will receive for 7 days.

Protein Powder

Freeze Dried super extracts of WHOLE fruits & vegetables in a powder form, 7 servings. Add 1 serving to morning shake.

28 High end Premium fish oils, 4 a day

3 servings of work out formula, comes in chocolate.

The plan should be done for 4 weeks in a row for optimum results. 


This plan will work with just the Food Menu but the entire reason we are doing this is to look, feel AND BE HEALTHIER. 

If your currently not doing any resistance or weight training I highly suggest you consider starting some form of resistance training. 

Just 3-4 hours a week is all you need to get on the right path. Build your muscles and build your bones. Every year after around 20 you lose muscle and your bones grow more fragile. It will help turn your health around along with a proper eating plan. They go hand and hand.


Walking not running should be done every day. Walk at least 15-20 minutes to start to boost effectiveness of the plan and overall health. Outside is best but weather permitting, treadmill is fine. 

585-402-6955. Mark Vinci