What is Rocks Meals?

Rocks  Meals & Rubinos Webster have teamed up to offer pre-made DELICIOUS HEALTHY meals plans to help you save time and enjoy various different healthy foods.

All meals will be made from the freshest ingredients designed and cooked by Mark & Sarah Vinci in the kitchen of Rubinos Webster All meals are pre-packaged in BPA free containers. Real food for real people. We keep our meals simple and affordable and they are NEVER frozen.

I want to ensure you that I will provide you with the best tasting and freshest food possible. I do not believe in using any preservatives to lengthen the shelf life of my meals. 

Ordering & Pick up

Meals are made Sunday morning. DEADLINE FOR ORDERING IS FRIDAY 3:00PM. Meal pick ups and deliveries are Sunday 11:30~12:30 or Monday 11:00~8:00. 

How long does my meal last?

All meals are freshest if eaten in 3-4 days refrigerated, and 10 days frozen.

How do I prepare my meals?

Place Microwave safe container  in for 1 minute, then in 30 second increments until temperature desired.

Can I design my own meals?

There are some meal rotation plans where all the meals are designed by me. These plans will change every week, different foods every week. No chosing any meals its all done for you. We also offer Design Your Own Meals where you can pick all your own protein-carb-veggie. We also offer Design Your Own Salads and Design Your Own Wraps

What is benefit of using Meal Rotation

Meal rotation plans (Healthy Traditional, Weight Loss, 30 Days of Perfection) are plans that are designed by me. MR plan offers more of a variety. Meals are changed every week. 


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