Plan Details

Personalized Plan is a strict plan of perfect eating every meal,  If your serious and have a DESIRE to make changes to your health and physique this is your plan. The entirely plan laid out for you by me.  We will work together to build your plan. I do everything specifically designing your meals for you.  

Who this best suits: 

~ Individuals who are addicted to sugars and bad eating habits that want to detox and control cravings

~ Brides and/or grooms

~ Divorce- Get Back in the game

~ Vacation

~ Sports off Season Program

Objective:  To provide meals  that'll deliver rapid results to your overall physique and health. 

Level of Difficulty:. Challenging


Macros for meals

300-600 Calories per meal

10-50 grams Carbs

30-60 grams Protein

5-20 grams Fat

Meals will be rotated every week

Meal examples


Frittata Baked with eggs-veggies-Turkey Bacon or Chicken Sausage-cheese

Power Oatmeal


A serving of Meat & Veggies


A serving of Meat & Veggies