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Meal Deadlines Friday 5:00, Pick ups are Sunday 11:30~12:30 or Monday 11:00~8:00

Rocks Meals & Rubinos Webster have teamed up to offer pre-made DELICIOUS HEALTHY meals plans to help you save time and enjoy various different healthy foods.

All meals will be made from the freshest ingredients designed and cooked by Mark & Sarah Vinci in the kitchen of Rubinos Webster All meals are pre-packaged in BPA free containers. Real food for real people. We keep our meals simple and affordable and they are NEVER frozen.

I want to ensure you that I will provide you with the best tasting and freshest food possible. I do not believe in using any preservatives to lengthen the shelf life of my meals. 

We will be here for you constantly to help with any questions about eating to be healthy.


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Rocks Meals & Rubinos

37 East Main Street, Webster, New York 14580, United States

Text me with any questions or comments no waiting. I will respond as fast as possible. 585-402-6955